About GT Igwe Chsrisent

In the past few years, i’ve been getting quite a good number of shout out and recommendations from people all over the web for the fact that i’m doing my stuff willingly and it’s helping out….

But wait!

i’m beginning to brag without even telling you who i am and you almost forgot… haha…. Well, my story is quite interesting and i’m going to tell you right away..

My Detailed Bio

My name is Igwe Chrisent Nnamdi, i was born into a middle-class business Family on the 14th of June, 1992 in Aba, Abia State, Nigeria. while growing up, i learned business skills from my parents who do businesses in different sectors (Building materials, food, fashion and transport), so apparently, it’s inborn… haha!

I’m popularly known as GT (Gudtalent), a name given to me by friends for my versatile knowledge and skills in different fields and I’m the type of guy that can learn anything in hours/weeks when i put my mind to it. ♥.

I’m currently running my own businesses and love writing positive and engaging contents around the web.

“I’m not a geek but i’m a geek lover”.

I started off as a Lazy entrepreneur because i hate stress, therefore, i figure out the easiest ways to handle tasks, LOL.

Right now, I’m on a mission to make more people lazier by making life easier for them which gave birth to my parent company Gudtalent & Co Nig Ltd, and raise entrepreneurs from Africa which led me to start Sumo Tech Global Ltd (Sumo Bank) in partnership with Entrepreneur Nigeria.


I hold BSc. in Geology and Exploration, also a certified Google publisher. As a workaholic, I spend most of my time either on data study and analysis, brainstorming my next move, Online Marketing, SEO or Writing.

I also Consult for Blockchain companies and growth/marketing startups.

I will be in your even to speak if you invite me.  As a blogger, you can read my interview on Entrepreneur Business Blog.

I started business as early as 14 when i was in high school, where i used to mend shoes/sandal, sell provisions, kerosene and all that back then in high school (Federal Government Collage, Okposi) and ever since then, i have ventured into different businesses which majority failed, but that’s all history now.
It took me complete one good year (2014) to learn blogging and SEO and failed on my failed attempt in the whole of 2015 when i started GTPEDIA, but now, the story has changed.

Why this Website?

The name Gudtalent is an official name and my company name at the same time.  personally, i love helping people the best way i can especially when it comes to building a business or playing a role that’s worth emulating.

On that, the main reason behind me creating www.gudtalen.com is to let anyone get personal with me, also help my fellow entrepreneurs to start/build and grow their businesses online and offline without going through the frustrations i went through…. To be frank here, I’m gonna help the best way i can.

I started Entrepreneur Nigeria to help raise global entrepreneurs from Africa and Sumo Bank to help our audience raise fund for whatsoever reason but basically for business reasons. We also plan to evolve into full-fledged Fintech Bank.

My plans In The Nearest Future

  • As it stands now, all my energy is focused on building a solid tech company that will solve pressing poverty problems in Nigeria and Africa at large. Start saving with Sumo Bank, and get trained on Entrepreneur Nigeria.
  • Building the next Ontech and Offtech solution for Construction, real estate, property, interios and marketplace
  • Speak quality into lives of the youths and helping those who are willing to kick start their journey to building a solid online/offline business the best way i can.
  • Let you know of other upcoming developments…..

My Ongoing/Live Projects I’m Working On

  • Founder Sumo Bank
  • Founder Entrepreneur Nigeria
  • Founder Maxibu
  • Founder Cap Of Coins
  • Lead Marketer/Analyst of Satowallet
  • Investor of few startups

You can also read about me on Entrepreneur Nigeria as written by Samuel Ossi.