Case Study: How To Make Over $500 Monthly From Quora For Free

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July 11, 2018

Case Study: How To Make Over $500 Monthly From Quora For Free

Guide to Making Money From Quora

Ok, so I wrote just a simple update the other day on my Facebook wall about my plans on building a $300 monthly revenue business from Quora; the world number one question and answer website. Below is the post about making money on quora embaded from my Facebook wall

The post has over 100 comments and the video over 200 views so far.

see the live video below

It’s globally recognized and the most trusted place to get your question answered in fews minutes depending on the Niche of the question at hand.

In my niche on, I have industry leaders who have built good reputation on the site and uses it to generate tons of web traffic to their website and make sales at the same time.

As for me, you can read my interview session on Entreprenuer Business Blog about how I made $500 in a single day with Quora and Warrior Forum. So I’m not here to show you some virtual prove but something real.

Truth be told, I have two accounts in different niches on Quora and the two are doing pretty well. So for the purpose of this guide, I will be using my official account which is Gudtalent; the one that have the lower conversion rate though.

Neil Patel, a renowned and one of the top marketers on the internet already wrote article about how he generates over 9000 traffic from Quora and looking at his profile and the type of great value he provides on the site; that will tell you that getting over 9000 people monthly from Quora to your website is very possible.

“Internet marketing is a niche that has tiny audience when compared to other nicheslike Technology, Business, Sex and Relationship….. Do mark that quote.

This means that hot niches already have the potentials of pulling thousands of traffic from Quora.

In fact, take a look at this tips from Neil patel about Using quora for traffic on Forbes.

On making money aspect of it, you don’t need to be told that pulling such huge traffic from the world’s most popular question and answer website will generate a lot of revenue for you if they are sent to good pages that can convert on your website.

Well, that’s not the talk of the day. You are here to learn how to make money from even when you don’t have a website.

So, I will assume you’re getting on board like it’s a social network, meaning you will need to be active if you must scale through on this.

Building a 3 to 4 figure business on Quora isn’t hard and it’s neither easy too. Why? Because it requires you to be a professional in your game. So keep it at heart that you know what you’re going to talk about there.

Before I dive into things and guide about making money online from, let me clear some things. So

Things To Keep In Mind if You Want to Make Money From Quora Website

  1. is a trusted place people go to to get their problems solved within the shorted time, so be ready to help someone.
  2. There are so many people that are there to help for free like you, so remove your mind from making money there and focus on helping people.
  3. Quora is a very active place, so treat it the way you treat Facebook and Instagram, else, competition will rule you out.
  4. Take it serious and try to answer one or two questions there per day.
  5. Be patient, don’t expect to make money overnight there on, grow your fans first.
  6. Don’t be a lazy ass on Quora, go there, learn and help others too.

Step by Step Guide On How to Make Money On Quora

To get started, the very first thing to do is to create account

  1. So head straight to quor and create account.
  2. Set up your account profile, add your bio and other details like your website, social media accounts, etc. see mine below

gudtalent gt

  1. Next, search for fresh questions in your niche. (Topics you know very well and can answer question that can be trusted). Let’s say you are very good at topics that have to do with Google Adsense.


Please Watch the Video Sample I made below.

For the Video link on Quora, Click here to see current views

If you didn’t watch the video, the summary is that you have to look for questions that is chocking people to their throat and provide real and valuable answers without expecting anything in return.

  • Reason why I said don’t expect anything in return is because that’s the only way you won’t get disappointed if at the end your recommended offers doesn’t convert.
  • Also don’t expect results to start popping in overnight because is never a make money online site in the first place.

I’m currently killing and raking good figures with Google Adsense, so, i’m answering questions on that.

So basically, you are providing value and at the same time, recommending a product or service to buy. Trust me; if your answer is the best or made every eye that sees it to be like WAOO! You are sure going to get good conversions.

NOTE: You’ll need to be a very active member and be posting regularly if you want to win, that was why I said ‘use Quora the way you use your social media accounts’ that way, you’ll provide tons and hundreds of value over time and your affiliate product will be well and wide spread on the site.

Now, imagine having over 2oo affiliate links like me littered on valuable answers I’ve provided on

There is a whole lot to do, it’s not going to be easy as you think, but you must make a move.

a tip for the Ice Berg!

If you are not into blogging or internet marketing, you greatest challenge and question right now will be

“what is Affiliate marketing and how do i get into it”

Well, Affiliate marketing in a lay man’s language is Selling another person’s product to make affiliate commisions. See the detailed explanation on Neil patel’s blog.

This mean you mustn’t have a product to sale to people, all that is required of you if sell another persons product or services and in return, you’ll be rewarded with some commission from what you sold. maybe i will write a full guide about affiliate marketing in my next article…. Do make sure to subscribe this blog with your best email address, more is coming. so what next?

List of Website With High Affiliate Payout to Try

With my experience for the past few years now and from reviews and what I’ve heard, the list below are some of the best Affiliate programs to join, there are 20 in number but you can search for more on Google. all you need to do is recommend people to buy and make money.




Jvzoo software and digital products
CJ Affiliate General
Max Bounty CPA
Udemy Digital School
StartupLister Business
Kickstagram Instagram
GetPoinDexter Business
Live Plan Business
Colmex Affiliate Finance
Grammarly Web Tool (Software)
Quitn6 Digital School
Shopify Ecommerce Solution
MoreNiche Health And Others
VigLink Web Tool (Software)
BlueHost Web Hosting
SiteGround Web Hosting
Semrush SEO tool
Travel Paypout Travel
Theme Forest Website Tools and Themes

Just as i already said, you can make more research about good affiliate programs on Google.

When you sign up for each program, the affiliate options is always located at the footer section of sites, so navigate and locate it.

Looking forward to hearing your success story soon.

Please return the love by sharing this post across your favorite social media channels and do drop me a comment if there is something else you don’t understand.

Good luck and welcome on board.


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