Case Study: How I Went From $150 to $5000 Monthly With Google Adsense

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Case Study: How I Went From $150 to $5000 Monthly With Google Adsense

google adsense

Google Adsense

Recently, I have been getting lot’s of questions about my drastic story with Google Adsense, How I went from making less than $1500 monthly to nearly $5000 monthly with Google Adsense.

At first, I smiled at the very first guy that asked me that question because nobody knows my bitter story with Google Adsense. Which I’m going to tell you today.

Since your primary reason for even coming to this page is all about changing your sad face to a happy face with Adsense, I assure you’ you’re few steps away from that smile….

We all know the normal Adsense earnings boosting rules which are:

  • Increase your website traffic
  • Reducing your bounce rate and increase your website Pageviews.
  • Use longTail keywords to write your articles.
  • Use the right Ads format and place your Adsense codes at the right places on your blog
  • Reduce the number of ads on a page
  • Block all unrelated categories and Advertiser URLs.

These rules are all the things I applied and didn’t get the best results, but then, something more than hurting, bitter and very painful happened that I almost lost my mind… In fact, after then, I started looking for ways of breaking the so many rules about Google rankings and Adsense policies which i ended up not seeing.

So the only option left was to focus and continue trying or try something else outside blogging.


techliet traffic fall

Imagine a blog that was raking over 35,000 Pageviews per day to less than 200 Pageviews per day. that is worse than losing your Google Adsense Account Itself.

It’s like Mark Zuckerberg Going from his currently position to Being no where in business again.

Now imagine a blog that was making over $1001 to $1500 monthly on the average from Google Adsense to making less than $120 in a month.

Honestly, that was hell for me.

it was more than horrible for me.

I felt like dying.

that was when i knew that being broke is the root of all evil, and not money.

i wouldn’t want to start writing my boring story here but trust me, that experience wasn’t funny and i pray you’ll never see such… Say amen in the comment section if you believe this.

How And Why i Lost Over 80 Percent Of My Google Adsense Earnings

It all started October ending 2016, when my main blog Techliet got hacked and my blog was taken away from me and later injected malware into the site which i’ll all removed now.

Later then in early December 2016, Google algorithm update hit and penalized the blog and that was where the beginning of the worst started.

Even though I was able to recover the blog from hackers and removed the injected malware from the site, the Search engine traffic coming to the blog was nothing to write home about because all my articles that were ranking heavily on Google were all deleted from the SERPs.

Seriously, I wouldn’t want to go deep writing my boring story but there is a catch.

I’m happy to tell you I’m doing pretty well today and my I’m no longer frustrated with Google Adsense. Right now (22nd April 2017), I’m close to making $3000 with Google Adsense for the month after I applied a simple step by step method I used. All thanks to MADSENSE REBORN. All i did was to start afresh with a new blog in February 2017.

Yes! I said so. Madsense Reborn really came to my aid when I needed it the most. I don’t know how bad your story with Google Adsense is right now, but I’m here to tell you; your problem is over only if you are ready and willing to take action.

I know the next question on your mind now will be what is Mad Sense Reborn?

I wouldn’t want to say much about increasing Google Adsense earnings with Madsense Reborn, so please Check out this Page for all the review you need.

However, you can still take a look at this quick review about Madsense Reborn

Madsense Reborn is Google Adsense program that will skyrocket your earnings with Adsense. They program was created by Abdullah Ashraf, A renowned marketer that have used this system to rake hundreds of thousands dollars over the years.

This program opened up my eyes to what I never knew about skyrocketing my Google Adsense revenue even with tiny traffic which i’m currently having right now with the new blog I created in February just because of this program.

What i did from the program was to start a new blog since the one i have at the moment is seriously in trouble, write Good and engaging articles and make it viral with Ads.

And right now, see my current RPM…

Google Adsense RPM of gt igwe chrient


Mind blowing right…

Kyle, a 16 years old Uk based student who started this program before me and in 3 weeks, dude was making over $5000. Damn! That mind blowing!

Please watch this video below, you’ll definitely be impressed right now


That’s same video i watched during my ugly experience and decided to take action and today, it’s a testimony to share.

Most people thought Google Adsense is dead and only works with huge traffic to your blogs, but I’m telling you it a lie, unless you want to start making over $2,000,000 monthly from Google Adsense like Huffingtonpost does.

top google adsense earners

Image Source: Income Diary

I’m not Huffington post and I’m no way close to how far they have gone, so start small, but be smart.

So from my experience, starting or continuing your dreams to increasing Adsense earning right away can smartly be done by going for Madsense Reborn.

Please check out the Program page for More Information and how to get started.

Let me know what you think in the comment section.

I just showed my secret because I also want you to take your share of the Google money, so please return the love by sharing this post to your favorite social media channel.



  1. Hi GT,

    I love this. I remember when you cried out on that Google Panda hit. That was terrific but it ended up teaching you a new lesson you were never aware of.

    Good a thing you were smart enough to search for help.

    I recall you said, insurance as a blogging niche pays well, hence your new blog but what do you think of mine that’s just business-based?

    I’m considering registering for Google AdSense when my new business blog will be matured for it.

    What do you suggest I do?

    My bounce rate is still around 43%.

    I will be more consistent in publishing new content as soon as I’m done with NYSC.

    Thanks. I look forward to hearing from you.

    ** I claim your prayers **

    • Gudtalent Chrisent says:

      Business blogs are good too, they have good CPC, so you can settle for it. All you need to do on it as a new blog is pulish great content on consistent basis, that way, search engines will fall inlove with your blog.

      Thanks for stopping by bro….

  2. Ayanlola says:

    i find it difficult to set up google adsense on my blog, which make me stop posting on the blog page. I am of the view of starting over again with a new blog and a new niche.

    my no 1 question is ,between wordpress and which one will help me the most and fast track my blogging business.

    I will be very glad if you can guide me through.

    • Gudtalent Chrisent says:

      Hi Ayanlola for coming around.
      About your question, WordPress will definitely give you the best provided you follow the SEO rules.
      Blogger is owned by Google and sometimes, get’s favored but still remains unprofessional, meanwhile, WordPress is professional and gives you full control of your business.
      you can make some research about this on Google.

  3. Javys meneses says:

    A case very similar to mine I will try as I go.

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