7 Powerful Business Lessons From MMM, The World’s Most Viral Ponzi Scam Ever

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July 11, 2018

7 Powerful Business Lessons From MMM, The World’s Most Viral Ponzi Scam Ever


Ok, I stumbled upon this great content from Ronald Ikenna Nzimora on Facebook and decided to share the great info with you guys. Read the exact lines below

The One Good Thing About MMM

Strange headline eh?

Hold your horses, I am not joining MMM ever. It is the most sophisticated fraud setup of our times and I must say I admire that Mavrodi guy who founded this thing.

It goes to show you that if you have an idea, even a fraudulent one, it will work, but then criminals are some of the most intelligent people in the world.

It takes brains to steal successfully from one person, and then it takes genius to steal from many.

Anyhoo, there’s a reason I am talking about MMM today.

The reason is, in everything, from anyone, no matter how much you relive them hold a lesson for you to learn.

It’s either you learn something to do or something to avoid.

So what’s the one good thing about MMM?

It’s this: ….

Let me tease you a little.

Have you noticed how viral MMM has gone? It’s so popular that even people in villages are “investing” in it. In fact it’s so popular that the Govt and National Assembly are warning people not to delve into it.

It’s so popular that even though most people who get involved know it’s a scam, they still go ahead and do it, hoping they won’t get caught in the web.

I’m willing to bet you know at least one person who has put their money into MMM.

You should ask yourself: why are people putting in money into what is obviously a scam, despite agreeing that it’s a foolish risk to take?

It’s because… they want it. The potential gain appeals to them
FAR more than the potential loss.

So they will go to any length to find the money they need to make this “investment”.

And That Is the Good Thing!

Which is…

People always HAVE money for what they want to do.

Let me repeat that.

People always HAVE money for what they really want.

Read it again, slowly this time.

People always HAVE money for what they really want.

Ever tried to sell something to someone and they tell you, “I don’t have money?”

Well, that’s bullshit. I long discovered that…

People always HAVE money for what they really want.

The major reason people tell you they don’t have money to buy your stuff is because they do not see enough reason, enough benefit and enough potential gain in buying that thing from you.

So they give you an “I don’t have money” reason, so you leave them alone.

If they do, if they REALLY want what you are selling, and they are convinced that getting it from YOU will help them benefit, they will find the money and pay you for it.

They will pull out their life savings. They will beg their Uncles and Aunties for money. They will cash in their retirement gratuity. They will borrow from their friends. They will take a salary advance. Heck they will take a loan from a bank.

They will DO ANYTHING necessary to get that money to pay you.

I mean think about it. People are “investing” millions of naira in an obvious scam that’s only waiting to crash!

What are the takeaway lessons for you here?

7 Great Business Lessons From MMM

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